KTUU mugsSo this happened today. My very minimalist mug design showed up on the Today Show Twitter feed this morning. At first I thought I wouldn't even bother posting anything about it but hey, you've got to take what you can get.


When we moved into the new building last year we pretty much hit the restart button on every piece of the product. Including the Morning Show, which is usually for obvious reasons the most creative of all the shows. One of my many tasks in those early days way to rebrand the Morning Show. I was given some inspiration from my News Director, one such inspiration I was to draw from was The Today Show. I created a whole look for the show involving many different shades of orange and sun rays. My boss, Tracy, said 'what kind of morning show is it without mugs?' I had to agree and got to work creating the very simple logo that would adorn our new mugs in our new studio. Someone in the newsroom sent one of our mugs over to The Today Show in hopes of getting on the air, and here it is! There's Matt Lauer holding my design.


Although TV really isn't 'my thing' (if you really want to get me excited, show me a picture of Michael Madsen holding my screenplay) I still think its something worth mentioning happened. The last thing I want to do is gloat, or appear to be gloating, which is why I debated posting at all, but why bother being in this industry if we don't want to show off our work? (as simple as it may be) I also thought about the fact that this wasn't posted because of the design, it was posted because "Hey, you're an NBC affiliate, we're the heart of NBC, have some free love!" It could have been the most generic, cookie-cutter design and they still would have posted it. But the fact still stands that, I designed that, and there are some cool people holding it... Cool!


Its nice to see some of the work I've put in to this place the past two years outside of Alaska. Quite refreshing actually, because even though you're surrounded by folks here in Anchorage, there's still this strange sense of isolation. This helps remind me that there is in fact a world outside of Alaska, even if a lot of the locals refuse to believe that. It somehow gives me fuel to help me move forward, to the end of this chapter, my Alaska chapter and gets me excited for the next step: New York.

The MET overlooking Central Park

The MET overlooking Central Park

Its the little things like these that help me along the path of life. I sometimes look around and wonder how the heck I arrived where I am, and where to go from here. Events like this point me in the right direction, remind me what I'm fighting to get to, and help make the daily struggle easier.

Me and morning edition mug