Lets talk for a minute about use it or lose it time off or, PTO (Paid Time Off) some places have this model of time off where you get a certain amount of time to spend during the year on whatever you want. Sick time isn't sick time, its PTO, taking your gerbil to the vet? PTO. Arkham Knight released and you need three days off for some reason? PTO. See how that works?

Its and pretty fluid system usually. A lot less complicated than putting in for this or that time then having to explain which 'category' it falls into. The problems start when you realize its called 'Use it or Lose it' time. So if you have 14 days to take off whenever you want throughout the year and you only use 13, welp, that sucks, January first its reset to 14 days and that day you didn't use? Gone forever, no extra pay, doesn't rollover, just gone. Its time you could have been sitting at home in your underwear binging Grey's Anatomy but instead you have to live with the fact that you spent an extra day at work... WORKING. Imagine you missed out on MORE than one day, that's the kind of thing that makes suicide sound inviting.

So you make sure to use your time right? you ask for certain dates off, Aunt Bertha's third wedding, Star Wars premiere (which will become an actual reason to call out in the next few years I assure you) That crotch itch you really should get checked out. and then you give yourself some buffer room, like 3 days, in case y'know, you legitimately get sick and need to stay home. Any normal sane person would do this.

What happens when December rolls around and you've still got 3 days sitting in your 'bucket'? (they call it a bucket groan) well dammit, you want your days, so you call in sick when you're not sick, you make shit up, you basically do everything you can to get those sweet sweet underwear days off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but either way, SOMEONE is going to be inconvenienced, either you, management(best case scenario because fuck management amiright?!) or your coworkers, and that's where things get REALLY effed up.

Now, the above scenario is for the at least semi sane, the at least semi responsible adults who actually followed all that. What about the 95% rest of us? the irresponsible, INsane, who don't plan out their entire year January 1st, who have two weeks of PTO left on December 1st? Well, they request it off of course! In December! (usually bleeds into November too) What happens when 20 out of 30 people have off for 2 weeks at a time? The other half have to pick up the slack for 2 weeks, and that sucks. So, while you're sitting at home in your underwear there's someone at work doing their job AND your job. For 2 weeks. It sucks, and it happens every. Single. Year.

Use it or lose it PTO is, in this humble blogger's honest opinion, the stupidest shit ever. People are basically being rewarded for mismanaging time at the end of the year, and people who thought it through and planned it out are being punished.

I'm sure my tune would be different if it was t'other way 'round and "I" was the one who had two weeks to burn in December and management said 'no'. Does that make me a hypocrite? Yes. Yes it does. But the fact remains that either way someone is getting screwed and it all goes back to the fact that this is a broken system.

To finish up, let me just say there ARE alternatives, many in fact, that are proven better than this use it or lose it model. I'm sure some CEO sitting on high in his airship looking down on us rabble sees it differently than I do. And the way it works he (or she, please don't hurt me feminists) has final say, hell, has ONLY say. So to them it might make sense, but from the trenches, I can say it looks ridiculous, down right silly, and I think it needs to die in a fire.