As of this writing I'm 122 days (88 work days) away from the start of what I believe will prove to be the craziest trip I've ever taken. I'll be driving from Anchorage AK to Pine Bush NY. My friend Stefan is flying up here to make the drive with me.

I made a video about it:

I'm pretty excited about it, but also very nervous. A cat, all my stuff, and the sheer LENGTH of this trip is daunting, but I'm confident I can do it.

And, what awaits me when I finally do make it back to New York? There is a level of planning but other than that its very up in the air. Who knows where I'll end up, what I'll end up doing. Am I going to move up? Down? Stay somewhere in the middle? I don't know. I'm set up for success though, I've got a killer resume now, and despite my current situations numerous attempts to break my spirit I feel the fire of passion starting to burn again as I draw slowly closer to the big day.

The end is nigh!