My latest video is up. Its basically a review of Anchorage Alaska as a city, coming from someone who isn't particularly an 'outsdoorsman'.

When I was first moving up here I was scavenging the internet for first hand accounts of Anchorage living, I found a few articles, some better than others. But overall pretty skimpy. This video is my way of trying to help in that regard. I think this is especially helpful for homebodies. I'm trying my darndest lately to break away from the house more with varying levels of success (making more videos will continue to help me in this way) but I know there are a lot of people out there like me, who just so happen to get a job that just so happens to be in Anchorage. Despite the rumors, a giant beard and proof you've climbed a few mountains is "not" a requirement to living up here.

As always, critiques are welcome, and encouraged!