I was worried this one wouldn't make my personal deadline. It kept raining, and raining, and raining. The weather called for more rain the day I went but I was getting desperate, running out of time.

I learned a bit about shooting in the rain during my trip to the Independence Mine and the difficulties that quickly arise. A good learning experience. I was lucky that it really wasn't raining too bad in Whittier that day, spotty at most.

What a cool little town, really reminded me of Twin Peaks


It was also very foggy the day I went which I'm sure added to that feeling.

Still so frustrated I didn't go to Whittier earlier, like a year or two earlier. In 2014 they added a bunch of gates and bars all over the Buckner building making it impossible to sneak in without pulling some kind of Assassin's Creed style moves. I got some shots through the grates but nothing as cool as it would have been to go inside.

There was a video done of the Six Flags in New Orleans that I've always wanted to recreate in other places.

So many people make videos of themselves just walking through these places handheld, no editing, audio left in with all the background talking, etc. I think these places can really look and be beautiful in their own way. This video really inspires me to do more of this kind of thing. Slow moves, pans, beautiful color correction, dolly moves, rack focuses. If I had more time and resources here in AK I would definitely be trying to make a video about the Buckner more in line with my vision. I curse myself for not starting sooner.

I won't make that mistake again. As soon as I get settled in New York I'll start collecting gear to make more of this kind of content possible. There are lots of abandoned places in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that I can think of off the top of my head from my childhood.

But in the mean time, enjoy my quick overview video of Whittier and the Buckner building.