Well, AK2NY is over. I'm here in Pine Bush safe and warm (a little too warm) in my dad's basement. The trip went fairly well, only a few snags. Overall an amazing experience. 76 hours gets easier the more chunks you cut it into. It became easier to think of the next pee stop or next food stop or gas stop as the final destination; and continue pushing on from there. This album below is what I put together from the 7D of the Denali National Park and the ALCAN highway. Two truly amazing places that I'm sure will never be equaled in scale for me.

Next is looking for work and putting together the final AK2NY video! We gathered tons of footage and cutting it together is going to be no small feat. But I know it'll be a lot of fun so hopefully, I'll have it done soon. In the meantime please enjoy all these photos!

AK2NY Trip Photos

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