Am I allowed to make excuses for how late this video is? I'm not sure, but I'm going to anyway. It has been crazy since moving back here to New York. Just on a personal level with everything that's been going on but also getting situated here at my dad's for the time being. So little to do and so much time to do it! Wait, scratch that, reverse it.

With all the situating there hasn't been much time to sit and edit video, and that of course is just the fun part, there's all the work of collecting everything from all the numerous cameras, conforming codecs and sizes, color correcting, audio sweetening, cataloguing, and the list goes on. Was a lot of work getting all of this together, and normally, when I'm in my element, at my own personal desk surrounded by my hard drives all those things come easy. Not so much when you're working out of boxes down in the basement.

Enough complaining, on to the video!

We really did have a hell of a good time with this and are really looking forward to starting another series soon. Which we are actively brainstorming now. We have lots of ideas, just need to do something new and find our niche. I really liked doing my Alaska series, glad I did; and think personally I might do some more of that but around New York and New Jersey. We'll see, time will tell.

As I still am not sure what the living arrangements will be or where I'll end up getting a job, things are still very much in the air. Hopefully soon things will calm down.