I made a new trailer for the 1980 classic horror film The Shining from the grand master himself: Stanley Kubrick.

Every trailer I've ever seen of this film (aside from the original trailer from Warner Bros. in 1980) has been 'here's Johnny' this or 'redrum' that. I wanted to create a trailer that fixates on the truly unsettling aspects of the film. The parts that truly gave us nightmares as kids, and try and create a 'slow burn' effect as opposed to the more popular 'slasher, jump scare' efforts I've seen in the past.

I also really wanted to try and emphasize points made by the great Rob Ager of CollativeLearning.com

His research in to Kubrick films, and specifically The Shining, have really changed the way I watch Stanley Kubrick's work. I highly suggest reading through some of his stuff or watching some of his videos if you have any interest in Kubrick at all.

I hope some of the themes Rob talks about "shine" through (don't hurt me) in my trailer version of The Shining.