2001, a favorite of film students everywhere. I must have watched it at least six times in the last two months. One of my favorite stories is the one where MGM gives a so called 'creative genius' ten million dollars (which was an extremely large budget for a film back in 1968) to create a space epic to try and get the public fired up about space travel. Instead they got a complicated, thinly plotted opera set in space. MGM was less than thrilled. One area they did have control was in the trailer department. The movie may be somewhat of a failure in an executives eyes, but it could take on another narrative entirely in the trailer. Whatever it takes to get people in to the theater to see it.

The original trailer from MGM does a great job of selling 2001 as some kind of space action thriller. I wanted to do the same, but while also introducing a lot more plot points. The idea being that you're about to witness action, and not the cerebral confusion that most theater goers experienced.

These are just plain fun to make, and I hope you enjoy them.