First things first, I know I know, I'm sorry this video took so long to make. Getting the green screen set up, coming up with an idea, and then executing it took a lot longer than I had planned. The keying wasn't much fun either because of crummy lighting but hopefully that problem has been fixed for future videos. We should be falling in to a groove now and their shouldn't be this long of a break between videos again unless, y'know, life happens, lets hope it doesn't.

We've been meaning to buy this green screen from Digital Juice for awhile now, finally did during a sale, we may have only used it once so far but, so worth it. Just getting to work with green screen footage again is so refreshing. I joke about endless possibilities but its so true! the sky is the limit now whether we want to be goofy or really serious, we can make it happen.

I'm sure you'll notice as I did that the audio is poop. This is before I purchased the Rode Filmmakers Kit, looking forward to shooting something with that other than a wedding.

So now we've got a prosumer camcorder, good audio, and a green screen. Absolutely no excuses now if we have an idea and we have many.

I mean it when I say that I can't wait to start on the next video. Who knows what the kooky men over at Nerdomenon HQ will cook up next!