We had tickets to go see Tim and Eric live a long time ago, the excitement built for a long time. Finally last Saturday was the night, we headed in to the city and met some very friendly T&E fans at a bar right next to the venue.


Now, I swear I purchased my tickets as quickly as I could, minutes after they went on sale, I also bought the most expensive tickets, and we were placed in the very back row, very last two seats of the Orchestra, which was not huge, but big enough to be a bit disappointed. We were screaming so loud that I was worried the people in front of us were being bothered, the night wasn't looking good. That's when Tim called the whole back row to come up to the very front. I went from having to squint, to seeing the sweat dripping down Tim's manly brow. We couldn't believe it.


We went from here...


To here!

An amazing night and bizarrely inspiring, I was happy to throw this little video together, and we met Tim after the show and got a photo!


Absolute perfection.

Next up for The Nerdomenon is another bad movie review, Aspen Extreme! Look out for it soon.