Have a new episode of The Nerdomenon Experiences ready to go. Watched an early 90's Top Gun rip off called Aspen Extreme, and lordy what a stinker.

I've been crazy busy this summer hence the lateness of this video not to mention I really took my time with this one. I went back and rewatched the entire movie with our commentary on to make sure I found all the good comedy tid bits for you, my friends, to enjoy.

I was worried about this one because the movie was just so awful. But I think I proved to myself with this one that the material you're riffing or talking about doesn't really matter, its what you do with it, how you run with it that determines whether something will end up being good or garbage. Same goes for making movies really.. I wish some of these people we make fun of would take some of that advice, because, I may love a good, bad movie, I will NEVER love a good, bad movie as much as I love a truly great film experience.

Next up we may have some secret new project involving roller blades... ok I can't keep a secret! Next is the sequel to Roller Blade Seven, The Roller Blade Seven Returns!