Samara's Bat Mitzvah

Continuing with my theme of shooting 'film' style I shot Samara's Bat Mitzvah very similarly to Shelby and Steven's wedding video. Still using my Canon 7D and same two lenses, the 75-300mm zoom and the 18-55mm. I was a bit smarter this time and brought my tripod which helped immensely.

This was strictly a reception only type of shoot, I was not allowed to shoot the ceremony. I tried to capture the mood of the party and wanted to emphasize that despite the weather, everyone still came out to celebrate Samara's special day.

I struggled a bit with the edit, finding music that worked had me hopping between four separate edits before finally settling on Justin Timberlake which I think turned out great. Had a very fun night, enjoyed every minute of it.

Shelby and Steven's Wedding Video

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Shelby and Steven to shoot their wedding video. I went for a 'music video' or 'film' style for this one, keeping it short and conforming to keep it cut to one song. I also cut together a much longer personal version just for Shelby and Steven. I had a great time shooting this wedding. I shot it all with my trusty Canon 7D and two lenses: a tighter 75-300mm zoom lens and for wider shots an 18-55mm lens. I learned a lot on this shoot. As you can I'm sure see, lenses with stabilization are imperative when you're running around trying to stay steady all day!

It rained all day but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits most of all the bride and groom! was a great fun day and I am very glad I was given this opportunity. I hope to shoot more weddings soon!

Pizza Hut App Contest Spot

Pizza Hut was calling for submissions for a new ad showcasing their new iOS app for easy ordering. Contests are a great way to flex your video muscles and possibly create some great new work. They wanted 'fun, out there, and maybe a little weird' so we (me and my friend Austin McCarthy) came up with the idea of having this guy with a puppet roommate who speaks like he's in a Star Wars film. We got some praise, but eventually lost out to a rap video... AGAIN*

*see 'Wonderful Pistachios' below

Chubble's Trip

This project is a bit of a tragedy for me. I had been living in Florida for years and had never taken a proper trip of the sights. I got this really cool book called 'Weird Florida' that gave info on all the ghost stories, abandoned/haunted buildings, out of the way tourist attractions, etc. And decided to make a trip out of it, then I decided I should make it a video project. I visited a bunch of different locations all around Florida and filmed the whole time, got lots of great shots (by myself, which was interesting) which was all stored on an external Seagate drive. I had finished my edit and was toying with the idea of having some kind of intro shot. I went to work in the middle of the night to shoot that open and when I got there and plugged my drive in... I dropped it... it was running at the time and was completely ruined. All my footage from the entire trip was lost, and the only thing I had left was my rough edit, which was also damaged in certain spots as you can still see in my upload. I've thought about filling the holes with new footage but can't bring myself to mess with it anymore, somehow it feels right to me. You be the judge.

'Duke Nukem' Work

I had impressed the owner of Interceptor Entertainment (creators of the new Rise of the Triad and now owners of 3D Realms Software) and he offered me the opportunity to help them work on a teaser open for a new 'revised' version of Duke Nukem 3D. I was able to finish the teaser but the project itself fell through. Then I created another open for the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem II which currently plays in front of Duke Nukem II for iOS. I hope to some day work with those guys again, these were really fun to work on.

'Freedom Fighters of NILI' Feature Length Documentary

I was editor on this project that is still making its rounds through film festivals worldwide. This one was a lot of work and a great learning experience for me. I had never worked on a full length feature before and I never would have imagined the kinds of problems I had to tackle. An example would be video standards. Half the film was shot in the US. The other half was shot in Israel, on Israeli cameras. PAL vs NTSC. 60 frames vs. 29.97 frames. a very interesting conundrum to keep it brief.


'Rewinders' 48 hour Film Festival Submission

You want to have serious fun? Enter a 24 or 48 hour film fest. Fast paced, intense, exciting, I can't say enough good things about these festivals. Our stars, Jeffrey Donnelly, Nick Zarillo, and Chele Andre were amazing. My friend Austin McCarthy directed, a very talented lady by the name of Lynda Stein was writer, my friend and coworker at the time Steve Ziegler edited, and yours truly was the producer and title creator. It's a bit goofy, out there, whatever, but we had some serious fun making it and got a few awards out of it (best use of prop ((the flashlight)) and best editing)

'Wonderful Pistachios' Contest Spot

This was the first time I worked with Austin McCarthy out of school. We used a homemade dolly for the opening shot and tried to keep it as simple as possible. The premise was 'how do you open and eat Wonderful Pistachios'? We titled this spot "Breakfast in Bed" We really thought we were going to win this one, lots of support from fans and other contest entrants, our hopes were high. Then we lost to a rap video. We were very upset purely because nothing in the rules stated they would prefer 'musical' spots to anything else. But, in the end, we had a great spot to show to everyone, I still love it.

'Back To The Future Part II' Compositing Clip

I debated posting the full clip here but decided maybe someone would get a kick out of it. I created this fresh out of college just basically to show my compositing and rotoscoping skills. And what's better than a moving monitor to do that with?